Ahh, the music, so fine, so LOUD….

I had to run by the Apple store today to get my 8 key replaced (so nice to type that 8 without the button coming off…) and I did a little side shopping while I was there… I picked up something I’ve been meaning to pick up for along, long time… a second airport exress to plug in behind my… gah, to call it a stereo is to call the Mona Lisa a mere painting…. but I am, as we speak, streaming itunes from the macbook to the airport express, wireless, which is now connected via TOSlink fiber optic to the Denon… and playing out my Alpha 50’s… my Alpha 20’s… and my… well, it’s a 7.1 setup, you want all the gory details? Denon, Infinity, Enough said 🙂

The first song to hit the airwaves: Kyrie Eleison from Mozart’s Requiem. I suppose I should balance it out with some Mr Mister.. lol…

Talk about crisp, clean music… with Dolby PLIIx Pro from the back end processing, it sounds.. ahhhhhhhhh :=)

I could go on. Heck, I might…

Hmm, Jigs & Reels…. ahh, fibercelt! Fun Fun!




Fall is here…

Got out on the Bike for a bit yesterday afternoon. It’s been entirely too long since I have ridden. The leaves are just now starting to turn and come off trees,and the beauty of fall is about to begin.

The GS still starts, runs, and rides well 🙂 I’ve been far too busy working and not busy enough appreciating. Need to correct that….

Best to all,


iPhone apps I would love to see

There are a few apps right off the top of my head I’d love to see available for iphone…

1) OpenSSH. I admin enough remote servers that if I had SSH of some form it would greatly increase the iPhone’s long-term utility

2) Some sort of Multichat aggregator client. Yahoo, MSN Messenger, AIM, etc..

3) xchat. It’s the only irc client I want 🙂

4) A 24 hour, daylight display world clock. The kind that costs 6000$ for an on-the-wall kind.

5) Thunderbird. It’s more forgiving.

6) Firefox. It remembers my fields.

That’s a good list for now.

We are Locutus of iPhone. You will be assimilated…

Well, I did it. I took the iPhone plunge. So far, I like it. I’m still having some difficulties setting up my various and diverse IMAP logins for email, but I’m pretty confident that iphone has a rigid compliance spec while t-bird is a little looser. Hey, t-bird can afford mroe lines of code than iPhone can… “if mail_admin=$LOONY then accept_anyways…”

Really, I like the phone. I Really, REALLY like the browser. I’ve got webmail as a backup, and I can use it, so that is cool.

Phone sounds great, but I need a new antennae solution for the car… I have 3 major dead zones that an antennae helps for 2 of. Or Cingular/ATT can drop a couple more towers in place 🙂

There is a learning curve, but it makes logical sense, so the curve is shallow and short.

That’s all for now…

Speaking for those who cannot… Stop Wolf Hunts

I just saw something very disturbing on TV… Wolves aren’t going to be delisted in Montana and Wyoming… they are going to be hunted by any and all means… without so much as a by-your-leave to the endangered species act. Not only a travesty that man continues to play God with a species, but that they also will violate their own laws and protections to slaughter them wholesale.

Arctic Wolf

If you are one of the few fans here, you know how I feel about this issue. If you’re passing by, I beg you to search your heart and ask yourself what great evil these animals have done to warrant eradication?

Timber Wolf

If your answer is the same as mine, you can go to Callofftheguns.com or NRDC-ActNow and send a petition to the man who can change it. This, now, is your call to action.

Smiling Wolf

Thank you.

We’re all okay here, situation normal…

Just thought I’d toss an awesome photo up to see if I am right or not about something else entirely….

BMW R1200GS Photo

Now, please, google… index away. Thanks in advance.

Heck, I’ll even add one more way to see if it works too…

What an incredible day…

First, I get to work to find out that a couple of the pictures I had left with Dad got submitted to the local paper ended up being one of the two published to cover the Ultimate Five Run in Dyersburg, TN, which was a run benefiting Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society in conjunction with the Boss Hoss Annual Rally got published on page 10 of the local paper in monday’s State Gazette with another photo by my dearly beloved. Wow. I’m now a published (if uncredited, silly paper…) photographer.

Then I’m going through my emails, and Randy Burns, a local artist in Dyersburg whom I met, for the second time, over the past weekend at a book sale in the Dyersburg public library, had left me a wonderful comment on my Terrawolf site. Now I know this may not seem like much on the surface, but if you take a few minutes to browse over to his site, you’ll see the incredible work he does. The checkout desk of the Dyersburg Library has several of his pieces behind the counter on their walls, including one on loan from my Dad, and I cannot tell you how much I wish I had a gift for raw creation like that. I may be good behind a camera, but cameras record… a painter creates. So having a complement from a talented creator like him just made my day 🙂 And he’s a spot-on nice guy, too.

I’ll have to find myself the pdf of the race article a bit later so I can repost myself :=) And I’m behiond on a few emails, so it may be a day or so before I get back here… be well, my adoring fans :=) All 3 of you 🙂