A day of experimentation…

Well, today is a venture into the wonderful land of wordpress. After uploading a ton of photos, then working all day, now I’m installing software in the hopes that I cna get a nice, working site setup to carry me forward and give me more control overt aspects of the website than I currently have…

Here’s for hoping!

As for the shots? Well, that’s another post 🙂

Fall is here…

Got out on the Bike for a bit yesterday afternoon. It’s been entirely too long since I have ridden. The leaves are just now starting to turn and come off trees,and the beauty of fall is about to begin.

The GS still starts, runs, and rides well 🙂 I’ve been far too busy working and not busy enough appreciating. Need to correct that….

Best to all,


We’re all okay here, situation normal…

Just thought I’d toss an awesome photo up to see if I am right or not about something else entirely….

BMW R1200GS Photo

Now, please, google… index away. Thanks in advance.

Heck, I’ll even add one more way to see if it works too…

Man, this 40D sure feels nice!

Right now, going through the gyrations of installing software updates and registering the camera… can’t wait to…well.. use it 🙂 Short note… so best regards to all 2 of you who read my blog! 🙂

Nice weather… too bad I have to sleep through it!

By the temps outside ride right now, it’s gonna shape up to be a really, really nice day. I’m starting to get that itch again… Now, if I just knew the box dimensions on a 40D, maybe I could ride in today…. have to look that up… Hmmm :=) There -is- an advantage to Jesse bags :=) Of course, there’s also a nice advantage with that huge bestrest backplate I strapped the pelican cases onto… Lash ‘er down! Yarr!

Whelp, one of the advantages of having a cable modem, is that I have a cable connection… time to enjoy it for a bit.

PS… For those who have TS…

I know there’s a surprise factor out there for some (particularly some of my former players and coworkers) who have never once seen a symptom… but it’s for good reason.

I got lucky… I gave up the pills when I was 14, and after figuring out how to control them… or at least delay them.. they started to go away on their own. Sure, I still get em when I’m really, really tired.. or really, really stressed… or both 🙂 If it was anything that helped get it under control for me, it’s breathing and focus.

time to go get some sleep.