Ahh, so close…

Well as of tonight, I’ll be absolutely 100% ready. The highway pegs work exactly how I wanted them to, I’ve got all my toiletries and foodstuffs received, purchased, and ready to be packed. The bike has been serviced, has new tires, is running at 110% of BMW perfection, and is chomping at the bit to get going. She knows. I can tell.

The only thing that remains… a few color-coded keychains to identify one bag from another for convenience, and about 10 more caribiners to make the packing job easier. I was thinking about picking up 4 of the dual caribiner strap thingies from REI, but they are 10-12$ each and climbing grade… I can snap 3-4 caribiners together at $1/ea for what I need and save myself 30$…

Truly, whoever invented the caribiner deserves every dollar they ever made for the invention.

4 days, 12 hours… getting closer. A LOT closer.

Here’s a nice little play picture of the bike taken up at Kirsten’s:

Too bad there’s no real solid way to attach it! Ah, well…. maybe I’ll find a more solid one on the road somewhere.



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  1. Great shot!

    That’s twice in a week Yngvar has starred in a blog post. He better watch out he doesn’t get a swelled head!

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