“You’ve turned my mourning into dancing, put off my rags and clothed me with gladness…” Psalm 30:11

No Renaissance wedding is complete without garb. However, before you race off in panic to the history section of your library, realize that Kirsten’s motto when it comes to garb is “winning the war against authenticity!” If you enjoy swaddling yourself in full Elizabethan, please do so, but we take a more casual approach. Color, comfort and creativity are big priorities. So while we encourage you to join in our fun with your own iteration of fantasy/ renn, please wear what you like. Clothe yourself with gladness! Jim, this includes the cow suit!

Procurement Possibilities


…Your closet. You may be a latent Rennie and not even know it!

Women: peasant/poet/pirate (YARRR!) blouse, flowy skirt or dress, sandals, boots or comfy shoes, cloak (even a light blanket pinned at the neckline) to wrap up in after dancing. Vest or bodice optional. Women would layer two skirts, tucking up the outer protective one to show off the oft-nicer nether skirt.

Men: peasant/poet/pirate shirt, leather or rope belt, dark pants, comfy shoes. Vest or doublet optional.

Embellish freely with colors, bells, sparklies, and angel dust. Tie a goblet or tankard to your belt.

This gives a vaguely period eurocentric look, but we welcome Glad Garb from all nationalities (including Middle Earth, Narnia, etc 😉


We have a wide array of loosely Rennie garb and are happy to lend out what we have–as long as you’re not jonesin’ for that full Elizabethan! In addition, our local SCA shire has generously opened up their closets. Please let us know sooner rather than later if you’d like us to garb you! We need to know your size and your stylistic druthers.


On the other hand, perhaps you’ve been yearning all your life to release your inner anachronist. This is a great excuse to take the leap! Browsing Ebay can give you some great ideas, as well as googling SCA garb, renaissance clothing, mongol costume, and such. Some of our favorite professional garbmakers include Moresca, House of Dra, and Purple Unicorn.

Flat out hands down, our favorite supplier is “The Boutique” (ie Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) for unique and unexpected additions to our garb!


It’s can be easier than a trip to WallyWorld– or as torturous as your twisted masochistic mind would like to make it.

The Ubiquitous T-Tunic

For a range of ideas: Medieval Clothing Pages

Note: In the spirit of al fresco, we are serving the feast on the swankiest of paper goods. If you would like to bring your own feast gear to add to the ambiance, feel free! Metal or wooden bowl and/or plate, belt knife, aforementioned goblet or tankard… plunder The Boutique nearest you!


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