Just a quick hello…

Been kind of crazy of late, working the usual rotation at work, setting up websites, and now, posting blogs posts about horses for sale and hoping that they get reindexed with some kind of regularity. May google index away 🙂

Also getting some neat website affiliates for the other sites. Intend to continue to have fun along the way :=)

A Knight’s Tale Concluded

With sadness, I join the world in marking Heath Ledger’s passing. I hope you found peace, bold knight. We shall continue to enjoy your tale in times to come. Thanks Zouru–this is the best Knight’s Tale video clip I’ve seen.


Have yuu tha Wing?

There are times I can hardly believe it myself. After so long of wondering if I’d ever find someone I could get along with and be actually happy… it finally happenned… I’m officially Married :=) For pictures of my smart, wonderful, talented briode, scroll down!

Wedding Photo!

We had a wonderful, candle-lit ceremony in garb and are actively engaged in planning a much larger extravaganza this summer…

Twuu Wuuv…


Wow, Long time, no post…

And what a ride it’s been. Been really busy standing up a dozen or so websites, moving my blog off of blogger and onto wordpress, and in general, making ahuge mess of everything that’s supposed to come out looking like a beautifully manicured garden of web goodness :=)

Keep codin, keep codin.. It starts here: Natural Horse Training Methods
Best wishes to everyone in the new year!