“The Secret of Kells” Film Trailer

The animation looks intriguing.  If it catches you’re fancy, plan to fly across the pond to catch it on the big screen. Unfortunately, they have not announced a US release.

The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript of the Gospels of the New Testament.  I REALLY hope they don’t harry potter Jesus out of it!

Build Your Own Ballista

I don’t know if the siege engine posted on Ebay ever sold.  But for those of you not willing to fork over big bucks for a broken ballista, here is a high schooler’s do-it-yourself graduation project:

Sylvan Glen Halloween Party

Kalli hosted our shire’s Halloween party this year.  As always with her fetes, food and fun flowed liberally. I enjoyed an added treat– my parents stopped in on a their way from Kentucky to Maine and joined us in the festivities.

We faced an unusual conundrum.   We wanted something simple and quick in the costume department.  Garb was a no-brainer, but is everyday attire among this crowd.  So we took the next path of least resistance– I dressed as a cowgirl and my love dressed as my horse!

See the full gallery at Laughing Gypsy Photography!

Viking and angel at SCA Shire of Sylvan Glen Halloween Party

Roman Ballista on Ebay


Everything you need can be found at Goodwill, Walmart, or Ebay. Want proof?

A full size, workable ballista is currently at auction.  Not just any ballista but a CELEBRITY ballista at that.  (Does that make it a celebrista?)  Originally made for a joint BBC/ Discovery Channel production, “Building the Impossible,”  this baby can be YOURS!

We love this video (and not just cause we love Peter Gabriel!)


Hurry and place your bid now before its going, going, gooooone!

Your Peculiar Medieval Aristocratic Title

Heartfelt greetings from her Imperial Majesty Gypsy the Mirthful and her beloved husband, His Grace Lord Wolf the Surreptitious!

Every so often we all lose our sense of self in the world. Some hie in to shrinks, others wallow in the empty falsehoods of gossips. Fie on them! Lady Fortune the Absurd of Greater Internetshire penetrates the muck and mire to remind you of the very essense of your being– and she knows you’re royal, to boot!

‘Tis clear she knows my current work schedule!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Gypsy the Indefatigable of Hardy St Thomas
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