What’s the only thing rowdier than 50 pissed-off bikers?

Well, according to this story from down under, it’s the local bingo club.

I’m not a huge fan of violence. but this story on CNN rocks! Apparently a bunch of bendejos decided to rob a biker bar… with a bunch of bikes out front. 50 vs 3. Wonder who won that one. Proof that 1%’ers can be good guys too :=)

But if you look closely at the last part… looks like the bingo club is ever more fierce and terrible about their meetings being interrupted!

Cheers to all our friends down under! Rubber side down, guys!


Sister Site

It’s only fitting that my sister start a sister site to MedievalDiva. Check out Medieval Bling for medieval and renaissance sparklies!

It’s an obvious case of gilt by association….

Pennsic Stirrings

Our last ice storm has melted into mud.

Wolf and I hung out in JoAnn Fabrics after church plotting and planning garb and barding.

Tink found a great source for canvas tents, which hold up so much better than nylon and can be made to look somewhat period without too much effort.

Yup, it’s time to start thinking Pennsic!

Free shipping at Joann.com! Code: FEBFSA835

Good Evening :=)

Having a fairly tame night, waiting for the storm to come. Still debating the wisdom of heading down to FR tonight. Less snow, but more freezing rain sooner, and… well, if I’m going to get stuck someplace, I’d much rather be stuck at the Bower… the company’s a lot better 🙂 Continue reading “Good Evening :=)”

Your Peculiar Medieval Aristocratic Title

Heartfelt greetings from her Imperial Majesty Gypsy the Mirthful and her beloved husband, His Grace Lord Wolf the Surreptitious!

Every so often we all lose our sense of self in the world. Some hie in to shrinks, others wallow in the empty falsehoods of gossips. Fie on them! Lady Fortune the Absurd of Greater Internetshire penetrates the muck and mire to remind you of the very essense of your being– and she knows you’re royal, to boot!

‘Tis clear she knows my current work schedule!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Gypsy the Indefatigable of Hardy St Thomas
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