Why, oh why…

..did I never, ever come here before now…. when I lived on the west coast? How come I have never heard of this place before ADV…

This place is AWESOME!

Man…. I almost… wish… the bike would break down or something. Damn BMW, sometimes a bike is perfect at the WRONG TIME! Just one more day….

Pictures? Yah, I got em. All… but… I’m only gonna put the best up, and I’m too tired to compare differences. _wOw_ what a place. I’m already in the right rythm of the weather here. I decided to camp in the Best Western tonight, after having ridden into and through Hell’s Canyon. here were only two problems… I was loaded up (flip-side: there was gravel, slow driving is a must! Load wins..) And I kept having to stop every few minutes for one breathtaking view after another. I felt like a hot shower after a long, fun ride on the bikes. I found a hot tub, a working WET sauna, and a heated pool. And a room on the front, facing the mountains.

Yes, of course my alarm is set for sunrise :=)

Pictures will illustrate at a slightly better time!


Just a quicky

Checking in from Dallas, Oregon. MacKenzie pass was closed to 20 foot snow drifts. Good ride otherwise, but bloody cold in the passes. Bit of rain, but weather in Bend was awesome… great pictures taken, more to come.

Advice is to ignore weather “possibilities’ and hit Hell’s Canyon, so I’m going along with the plan. At least I can point fingers if I go down:P

Will only be able to update a couple nmore times… in sandpoint, and in missoula. Unless someone put a cell phone tower in the middle of nowhere.

Round 2…

Looks like it’s time…. NorCal, Oregon Coast, Cascades, Columbia River Gorge, Hell’s Canyon, Sawtooth Mountains, Cabinet Mountains, and Glacier NP…. The transit days are over for the moment, the exploration begins!

I’m a bit apprehensive at this point about the possibility of rain in Hell’s Canyon. Mud and Annakee’s don’t really go together. We’ll see… but I’m ready to give it the old college try…

At any rate, my bags are packed, I’m ready to go… and on the way to the airport after work.