Have yuu tha Wing?

There are times I can hardly believe it myself. After so long of wondering if I’d ever find someone I could get along with and be actually happy… it finally happenned… I’m officially Married :=) For pictures of my smart, wonderful, talented briode, scroll down!

Wedding Photo!

We had a wonderful, candle-lit ceremony in garb and are actively engaged in planning a much larger extravaganza this summer…

Twuu Wuuv…


Amusing thoughts….

It’s kind of funny the combinations of reactions and lack thereof amongst the various groups of people I know and have known over the years to the news of my engagement.

Lots of congrats from unlikely places, less than what I thought from some liekly ones, and a bit of shock and amazement from those who know me best.

I love being unpredictable.

Can I go play with my Horses now?