Quest for Italian Renn

One of my scavenged successes from Holiday Faire’s Silent Auction was a purple overdress. I fell in love with the color and figured it was worth the whopping 50 cents, despite being several sizes too small.

Whopee! The previous wearer had sewn the shoulder straps tighter. 3 sets of existing grommets per sleeve opened the armholes right up. They also fueled a thought: a little research and sewing machine love could yield a respectable Italian Renn.

I would need MUCH added length to avoid the medieval miniskirt look. I could close the bodice all the way at the expense of breathing and mobility so that needed to be addressed. But the shoulder grommets begged for detachable sleeves, and if I used the same fabric in the sleeves as the additional hem, the disparate elements would harmonize. I could also use that same fabric for a modesty panel, thus enabling breathing (a pastime of which I’m exceedingly fond.)

I also decided I would actually pursue a measure of authenticity with this one.

Thus I hit Google. Here are some sites I found useful and concise in the vast sea of costuming and reenacting information:

As I read around ideas flowed. During the Italian renaissance, sleeves became an expression of the wearer’s wealth and downright extravagance. My mind flowed to my findings drawer, and thoughts of trim and piping and pearls flowed freely. The findings will bring additional unity to the mix-n-match pieces of my franken-garb.

My garb closet is full of scavenged linens, muckabout garb, and a few modestly nice dressed. Now I’m looking forward to a hoity toity lady dress! Our shire’s Twelfth Night Party is close enough to provide a deadline and far enough out to keep things low pressure.

This is gonna be fun!

Sylvan Glen Halloween Party

Kalli hosted our shire’s Halloween party this year.  As always with her fetes, food and fun flowed liberally. I enjoyed an added treat– my parents stopped in on a their way from Kentucky to Maine and joined us in the festivities.

We faced an unusual conundrum.   We wanted something simple and quick in the costume department.  Garb was a no-brainer, but is everyday attire among this crowd.  So we took the next path of least resistance– I dressed as a cowgirl and my love dressed as my horse!

See the full gallery at Laughing Gypsy Photography!

Viking and angel at SCA Shire of Sylvan Glen Halloween Party

Journey to Revel Grove, MD Renaissance Faire

A last minute decision led us on a Labor Day journey to the Maryland Renaissance Fair. Scott and Noel met us at the farm. Rumor had it that a bunch of SCAdians from the Shire of Sylvan Glen would be venturing forth. We made it our mission to find them!

Gypsy Wolf and Friends at teh MD Renaissance Festival

This was Scott and Noel’s first faire, and Wolf’s first faire on the east coast, and Wolf and my first faire married.
Orange ices staved off the heat while we

played dressup….

trying on a ruana gypsy loves the kitty cloak

…enjoyed ourselves…

scott and noel on the kissing bridge

…and enjoyed the performances–especially the horses!

md renaissance festival joust



We took some pictures and videos of the renaissance faire, and ran into Fergus from a neighboring shire. Our shire folk, alas, changed their plans, leaving us as Sylvan Glen’s sole representatives.

Sister Site

It’s only fitting that my sister start a sister site to MedievalDiva. Check out Medieval Bling for medieval and renaissance sparklies!

It’s an obvious case of gilt by association….