Oh boy… scheduling run amok…

Where to begin?

Nah, where to end: Jan 1.

There, now that that’s settled. Seems I need to be in 4-5 different places on Thanksgiving. Possibly. We’re not sure yet. Of course, once the idea is set, new information changes it.. so who knows. I’ll certainly be offering thanks when it’s in my rear view mirror…

Today is new camera day, if all goes well. I’ll be swinging by on my way into work (after jiffy lube, chiropractor, and packing) to pick up a new Canon 40D (not to be confused with a Nikon D40… I wonder how long calling it a 40D got debated… ) Hopefully my wonderful good luck will hold, God willing, and I’ll continue to be in the right place at the right time for some cool shots 🙂

In the meantime, still breathing, and currently contemplating various measures and breadths of site redesign in creative places. Amazing what resources one can play with.

Best to all,


PS.. maybe one of these days I’ll remember to tag the post befroe clicking PUBLISH! haha.