Smugness.. 36 Hours.

You know, sometimes things just seem to work out perfectly. And sometimes, things really do.

It’s 36 hours now until I leave…. well, in 36 hours, I’ll be having breakfast and leaving 30 minutes later. I spent this afternoon packing the bike. I had a lot of the pre-packing done yesterday… getting things out of hard containers and dumping them in baggies. I hd weights on everything but the two main side bags which have the bulk of my riding and cooking gear and food.

After I got them packed, I pulled them out and weighed them. Here’s a happy little sketch I made of the weights and locations of the bags… damn, I’m gonna break my arm patting myself on the back… 1/2 pound difference right and left.

I couldn’t have planned it better… that’s all eyeballed… I wieghed it on the scale AFTER I packed them! :=)

Guess that means I’m READY!