Back Home Again….

Well, all is good and I’m back home. Well, mostly good. I dumped the bike over again by Grampa’s memorial…

…while trying to get a good shot of the bike and the memorial.

Since it was on the hillside, the kickstand was too high, and as soon as I got off the bike, the bike got off the vertical. Since noone was around to help, I had to right her myself. Fortunately, she was almost empty except for a quick Raley’s run (Where I managed to see both Gina and Mary, as well as get a chance to say “Hi!” and such… and Gina hasn’t heard squat about a 20-yr reunion) for sodas an near-beer for Logan’s dad whch was in the right side case. Well, my back didn’t survive that lift. So back to Doc Berman’s after work today.

Anyhow, after righting the bike, I got my picture and paid my respects. Oddly, there has been no signs of them doing anything to the field for Off. Jeff Mitchell, so I have no idea what is going with that.

As for the bike, crash bars yet again did their job, as did the Jesse bags. However, this time I got to sacrifice the hand guard bracket and right side mirror to the mysterious forces surrounding motorcyclism.

Logan’s place is looking awesome. Definite match of life to living.

The run up the coast from Malibu was awesome. I can’t believe I have never been on that stretch of road before, for all my living in California.

Santa Cruz was.. strained. I don’t think that place can hold on in its form for very long. There is an underlying tension there that is unmistakable…. the tension of the college crowd mixed with the remnants of the hippy/alternative crowd with the dowright street/barrio crowd that is half beach flats, half San Jose. Seems like all the mellower people have gone out to the hills. But downtown is… well, frankly, I think it looked better after the Quake.

Great to be back home, great to see Kirsten, and great to see Kitty. Can’t wait to get back on the road though… with a good back, of course.. and get on with the next part of the trip…. north coast to Glacier!

Well, I’m up way too early for work. Felt like I slept 9 hours, only slept 3… guess I’m up for the duration. Can’t seem to find my back brace, may have to go buy a new one… and keep it on the bike in case I need it.

PS… as a last note, I had a great time talking to Rocky Mayer,

and the new seat is AWESOME….

All pictures of above all subject to a bit of post-trip laziness :=)

Needless to say, though… after lots of this:

There was and remains lots of this:

Now if I could just keep my latest cool motorcycle accessory!



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