Back Improvement

Back feels much better today (barring waking up unmedicated) than it has since last week. I was starting to get worried about the trip back out, but looks okay. I do, however, have the trip to Duluth this upcoming week, which will neatly keep me out of the chiropractor’s office until Monday June 4th. Sure hope it continues to improve!

Don’t need any more outfitting, no more preps. I’m 100% good to go bikewise, minor repairs notwithstanding. I did make some minor changes to th packing system… one strap now removes the whole bag assemblage, and I also moved my pillow/backrest out of the way so I can make full use of the Bill Mayer saddle….

Can’t wait to get back to riding!

I saw some ride reports on Hell’s Canyon on ADVRider today. Looks like I have some fun ahead of me. Although I see one obvious thing… slow and safe will be best, as I am going solo. We’ll do our best to keep me out of trouble! Kind of disturbing to see snow still in the forecasts for the Rockies, Going to the Sun road still closed, and snow coverring some of the roads in Hell’s. I don’t know if I will be able to get a set of TKC’s on or not before I head into the Canyon. If so, great… if not, tough cookies, I’ll just have to be more careful…. and pray for “No Mud!” harder than I would ordinarily.

Well, I’ve been extraordinarily lucky/blessed so far with riding weather and conditions, so… I’ll just take it on faith and roll on schedule.



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