Why, oh why…

..did I never, ever come here before now…. when I lived on the west coast? How come I have never heard of this place before ADV…

This place is AWESOME!

Man…. I almost… wish… the bike would break down or something. Damn BMW, sometimes a bike is perfect at the WRONG TIME! Just one more day….

Pictures? Yah, I got em. All… but… I’m only gonna put the best up, and I’m too tired to compare differences. _wOw_ what a place. I’m already in the right rythm of the weather here. I decided to camp in the Best Western tonight, after having ridden into and through Hell’s Canyon. here were only two problems… I was loaded up (flip-side: there was gravel, slow driving is a must! Load wins..) And I kept having to stop every few minutes for one breathtaking view after another. I felt like a hot shower after a long, fun ride on the bikes. I found a hot tub, a working WET sauna, and a heated pool. And a room on the front, facing the mountains.

Yes, of course my alarm is set for sunrise :=)

Pictures will illustrate at a slightly better time!