What an amazing thing….

Well, here’s a couple posts I never thought I’d be making….

I’m engaged! Like, the going-to-get-married engaged engaged.

For real.

Oh, and I actually have a horse to ride.

For real.

First, a picture of my sweety, Kirsten, and her engagement ring, an 18 month old Friesian filly known as Tessie (Testimony) on the right (Tessie’s momma is on the left):

Then a picture of me and my new DM…. a 17-hand Belgian draft horse (for non-horsey folks, 17 hands means FOOKIN HUGE) by the name of Dolly Madison. And boy is she huge… if you fall off, you can bounce 3 times and still be on her back:

Amazing, wot?

For a bit more thorough rundown on How It All Transpired, check A Laughing Gypsy 🙂

Be well, all…

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